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Online Services

@ email

Counselling via email enables both parties - the counsellor and the client - time to reflect and process.  

It gives you the opportunity to talk and respond when you feel the time is right for you.  

When forming a contract with your counsellor, a mutually agreed time for sessions will be set.  This would normally be one email per week, much like a face to face session, allowing time for reflection.  This can be arranged to suit your needs.

The counsellor will spend one hour replying to each email at a cost of £30.  

Reduced rates available for block booking.

@ messenger

Counselling via instant messenger means you will have live interaction with your counsellor at a mutually agreed time.

These sessions run much like traditional face to face sessions, without the necessity of physical interaction.

As with email, once a contract has been formed with your counsellor, a set time frame for sessions will be agreed.

Each messenger session will last for one hour at a cost of £35.

Reduced rates available for block booking.


@ live video 

New to Dot Com is counselling via secure video link. 

Real time face to face counselling from the comfort of your own home.

Video counselling will take place via the secure site 'Sessions' hosted by Psychology Today.

Each video session will last up to one hour at a cost of £40.


Don't Exist, Live

Online Counselling:

Therapy for All

Calm Sea

Why Online?

Face to face counselling is currently the most popular and conventional method of therapy. However, there are a huge number of factors that may mean receiving counselling through an alternative channel could be a more appropriate option for you.

Online counselling offers you the same level of support and confidentiality as that of meeting face to face with a qualified counsellor but offers additional benefits: 

  • Accessibility - Online counselling comes with a higher level of flexibility,  thus reducing waiting time.

  • Affordability - Without the overheads of renting out space for conventional face to face counselling, Dot Com can offer their services at a reduced rate.

  • Anonymity & Convenience - If you are concerned about the stigma often attached to seeing a counsellor, online counselling offers a higher level of privacy and sessions will be arranged to suit you and your lifestyle.


Online counselling can have additional benefits for the following*:


 ... Individuals who are housebound and/or have disabilities.

... Carers who are unable to take a break from their responsibilities.

... People living in remote areas.

... People with a sensory impairment - instant messenger and email ensures access for all.

...COVID freindly

                       * not an exhaustive list

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