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About Me



I am a qualified Humanistic Existential Counsellor (HE).  

In simple terms, this means that I work in a person-centred way, putting you and your needs first.

My experience comes from counselling clients of all ages and backgrounds; through my time working within charities for children and young people and adults with poor mental health.

I primarily work in a HE manner but also have some Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) experience.  I have worked with clients whose lives are or have been adversely affected in many ways; Including depression; anxiety; obsessive compulsive disorder; anger; family relationships; abuse; exam stress; bullying; alcoholism; grief; transgender related concerns and self harm. 

In addition, I have training and experience with both suicide interventions and mental health first aid.

My background is education, predominantly outdoor education and in more recent years, I have gained experience working with young adults with additional learning needs.

I have a passion for people and helping others to live their lives to the full, reaching their true potential.  Through our work together, I will endeavour to help you to find the right path and enable you to set off on a fulfilling lifelong journey.

I am available to counsel via video, email, instant messenger and face to face (location dependent)


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A Passionate Counselling Professional

I know how it feels to sit in the clients seat, I have experienced the vulnerability and hope that this understanding comes through in the way I build my relationships with clients in an empathetic and non-judgemental manner.

My aim is to offer support to those who need it most. Life is hard, it is unpredictable and it can seem like you're the only one facing any problems. This is NEVER the case. There is always someone closer than you think who is also experiencing their own difficulties.


No story is the same and each person's experience is unique.  For that reason, I offer my respect, support and empathy to help you work through these difficulties in the way in which you feel most comfortable. Your autonomy is key and I will always be lead by you, the client.


If you are struggling to make sense of life, then I could be the counsellor for you.  My HE training enables me to bring back some purpose to life by helping you to identify your place within the world.  We will work together in a safe space that will allow you to explore, reflect and develop your own self awareness.


Once we know ourselves better, it's easier to change what we wish!

'I may not be there yet,

but I'm closer than I was yesterday'

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